President Message

  • I would like to highlight issues regarding the way the world vovinam federation is operating currently. I, personally, think that we need to upgrade our system.

     I worked with the International Federation of  Wushu, KungFu and Savate. and these federations are now in top positions in Bangladesh. I have successfully organized the South Asian Championship and Asian Championship of these games in Bangladesh. I was on the International technical committee of these games, I have given many suggestions and they have taken those as well. Today I am making a few suggestions for the development of Vovinam. If the president gives permission, I will present my suggestions.

     1.Like all other international federations. The world Vovinam Federation needs to appoint a qualified general secretary or CEO, who will not be just honorary, but paid by the federations. He will be in constant touch with all the member countries. Currently the world Vovinam Federation and the Asian Vovinam Federation does not have any General Secretary. This highly affects the development of  Vovinam.

     2. World Vovinam Championship and Asian Vovinam Championship need to be awarded every two years. Like if the world championship is arranged this year, the Asian championship will be arranged next year and the next year after that the world championship will be arranged again.

     3. Technical seminar needs to be conducted in the country where any of the Championship is arranged. For that seminar, the World Federation will send a master. The food transportation and accommodation cost will be carried by the host country. The World Federation will arrange his affaires.

     4. A seminar of Vovinam referees and coaches needs to be conducted every year in Vietnam. Need to provide ranking system for referees and coaches and update it on a yearly basis. Those who will attend the seminar, will have to pay a fee. The referees and coaches, who completes the seminar will have to submit to an exam and a license will be given to them who manages to pass the exam. The license will be divided into four categories ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, and ‘D’. A referee panel needs to be created consists of 10-15 selected referees from category ‘A’. The referees from the panel will conduct the matches of the championships. Not more than one can be included in this panel from a country. The world federation will bear the food, transportation, including airfare and accommodation of the panel referees and provide an honorarium for them in any championship.

     5. We need to arrange the world championship in continents by rotation. Suppose this year the championship is held in Asia, then the next year held in Europe, the next year in Africa, then the next year in North America and such. The host   country will be selected at least 2 years prior. If any selected host declines, then alternate country will be selected.

     6. The members must have to participate in the championship. The world Federation can issue a show cause, if any member fails to participate. The member country would have to submit the cause of not participating. It would be better if the member countries have to renew their affiliation every year for a minimum fee of 100-150 USD.

     7. Now – a – days , the number of players is decreasing. One player participates in many event. We have even seen events, where only single person came from a country, who was the only player and he was the official also. This should be a serious issue. We have to try to increase the number of players.

     So my proposal is: A player should not be allowed to participate in more than two or three events, and an official can not participate as a player.

     8. Vovinam have to be included in Olympic Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, Beach Games and Indoor Games. Many new sports compared to Vovinam have included in Asian and Beach games, but Vovinam could not. It is very sad to not have Vovinam in these tournaments. It is necessary to arrange tble-talks on this matter and we have to take necessary steps to influence the officials of international body with gifts and others, we can even raise a budget for this cost from the member countries separately. If we do not get serious enough, Vovinam will not included in these tournaments easily. Like Judo and Karate in Japan, Wushu in Chaina and Taikwando in South Korea, They organize championships in each country with the help of the embassy using the name ‘ambassador cup’. The embassy finance those tournaments, prominent leaders are being invited and with the help of the leaders, gradually the develop the games. If Vovinam championships can be arranged with the help of the Vietnam embassy in various countries, govt. Help can be obtained easily.

    9. Bangladesh is interested in organizing fifth Asian Vovinam Championship 2020 and Eight World Vovinam Championship as well. We have all the necessary facilities and the cost is also low. We will provide free food and accommodation for 2 players and one official. I am trying to extend this facility for 2 male players, 2 female players and one official. I  am also trying to get their airfare also. I started a conversation about this with the sports minister of Bangladesh. The conversation is still going on, I am trying my best to obtain the permission and the facilities.

    10. Honorable President, We have decided to form the International Islamic Solidarity Vovinam Union. I have spoken to several other countries, including Algeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Ivory Coast, Indonesia all expressed interest. Because many Islamic countries practice Vovinam, We want Islamic Solidarity Games to be included. We will try to do this. And its first meeting will be in Bangladesh next May / June 2020. I would like your advice on this.